Our Services

We are proud to serve our clients in both English and French!

It is our pleasure to offer a variety of services, adaptable to your unique business needs:

  • Job analysis and drafting / updating of job descriptions.
  • Job evaluation (including point-factor evaluation for Pay Equity compliance).
  • Market benchmarking for cash compensation and other non-cash rewards.
  • Pay strategy development.
  • Base pay structure design.
  • Incentive pay design (e.g. bonus, commission).
  • Pay Equity reviews (Ontario or Québec).
  • Pay administration policy development.
  • Development of employee and manager compensation / total rewards communications and reference materials (e.g. total rewards statements, merit increase letters, compensation handbooks, etc.).
  • Job Evaluation Committee training.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. For more information on any solutions you may require, please contact us today.


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